Commercial Groundworks Contractors in Surrey

Here at Lexen Contractors, we’re proud to be commercial groundworks specialists. We provide commercial groundworks in Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex and Hampshire.

With extensive experience in working with commercial clients, past projects have included:

  • Airports and plane hangars
  • Garages and forecourts
  • Car parks
  • Leisure centres
  • Schools and colleges
  • Business parks
  • Industrial estates
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What are commercial groundworks?

‘Commercial groundworks’ relates to the initial construction and preparation, when building or developing a commercial site. This ranges from clearing the area to excavation and earthworks in preparation for building and installing service trenches for utilities. We also offer commercial drainage works.

What type of commercial groundworks do we cover?

Our comprehensive commercial groundworks services include:

  • Footings & foundation works
  • Concrete bases
  • Trenches for services/utilities installation
  • Excavation
  • Pipework
  • Earthworks for site stockpiling and reuse
  • Block paving and kerbs
  • Site clearance - removing vegetation & debris
  • Demolition
  • Drainage
  • Retaining walls
  • Reinforced concrete work (RC work)
  • Concrete piling and ring beams
  • Earthworks for site stockpiling and reuse
  • Surfacing works
  • Disabled access ramps
  • Security bollards and railings
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Commercial Groundworks Projects

We are thrilled to have provided commercial groundworks services on the following projects:



Car Design Centre, Surrey

Additional services and utilities provided for new buildings at the prestigious headquarters of the world renowned Formula One and supercar designer, Gordon Murray. We also reinstated tarmac after services trenches were completed.


Ascot Racecourse

As one of the UK’s most prestigious racing venues, Ascot Racecourse has heavy foot traffic of approximately 600,000 people every year. With this in mind, safety and accessibility are paramount. It has been a pleasure to work on this ongoing project, providing block paved walkways, utilities installation and tarmac installation in partnership with Shorts Group.



Private School, Berkshire

For almost a decade, we have provided ground, earth and drainage works at one of the UK’s most prestigious and historic schools. We have carried out sports surface installation, road reconstruction, demolition, foundations, car park installation, culverts and drainage systems.

Looking for specialist commercial groundworks in Surrey?

To request a competitive quote, and for all other enquiries about our commercial groundworks services, please call us on 01932 869 939 or complete our contact form.


How should I plan for my commercial building construction?

Commercial Construction of any form should always carry the focus of efficiency throughout. From our experience working with a variety of governing bodies, developers and community initiatives it is always better to have more information then none! With this in mind, we always recommend a full set of Architectural drawings, Structural Engineer’s Drawings and a pre-site survey should be completed as a minimum before looking to instruct works on your project. From here a client can really ascertain what trades will be needed and when along with a clearer visual of their project. This in turn, saves time and funds along with reducing the potential for any ‘grey area’ hiccups in the early phases of the project.

How does commercial groundworks differ to regular groundworks?

Commercial Groundworks typically involves larger and more robust design works when compared to your bespoke home design. Most commercial projects will follow a standard specification of how they would like a car park to be prepared and set out, a foundation build up to be formed or grade of concrete to be used as an example. Whereas a domestic or non-commercial project can (within reason) really be down to the design of the client and Architect/Structural Engineer. It is not unheard of for clients/designers to create weird and wonderful designs to foundations, pads or build schemes in an effort to improve such variables as cost, appearance, U-Values or Natural Light Traps!