Demolition Contractor in Surrey

Surrey Demolition Services

Here at Lexen Contractors, we are pleased to provide professional demolition in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We offer demolition as preparation ahead of our groundwork services, or as a stand-alone service for site clearance.

Why Choose Lexen Contractors for Demolition in Surrey

Thorough clearance and levelling is vital for site preparation. We are proud to be considered one of the leading demolition companies in Surrey.

With health and safety at the forefront of everything we do, we carry out a detailed pre-demolition survey to assess the project. We take into account many factors, including the size and position of the building, the surrounding areas and any public areas that are nearby. Our thorough approach ensures public and colleague safety and that our work will be completed successfully and to the highest standard.

With careful management, we always tailor our demolition services to meet the individual needs of your site and project.

Searching for a Demolition Contractor in Surrey?

For more information regarding our high-quality demolition services, please call us on 01932 869 939 or complete our contact form.