Specialist Drainage Contractor in Surrey

Here at Lexen Contractors, we’re pleased to offer a range of commercial drainage services. Our skilled and experienced team provides drainage groundworks to sites and projects across Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Our land drainage contractors have provided specialist works to commercial clients who operate across:

  • Airports and plane hangars
  • Garages and forecourts
  • Car parks
  • Leisure centres
  • Schools and colleges
  • Business parks
  • Industrial estates

What are drainage groundworks?

Commercial drainage services relates to the preparation of a site for the installation of systems required to prevent or reduce surface water, sub-surface water, pooling and the risk of flooding. Drainage preparation works include excavation and the installation of drainage systems to divert sewage and foul water, as well as storm water.

What type of commercial drainage services do we offer?

As land drainage contractors, we offer the following preparation and/or installation services:

  • Trenching
  • Excavating
  • Foul and storm drains
  • Attenuation tank systems
  • Surface water soakaways
  • Septic tanks
  • River dams
  • Exterior and underground drainage
  • Groundworks for interceptors
  • Preparation for Klargester installation
  • Groundworks for sewage treatment plants
  • Culverts and drainage trenches
  • Drainage solutions for waterlogging

We are highly experienced in a range of drainage groundworks services. As well as providing footings, trenches and ditches, once our drainage work is finished, we can reinstate asphalt, block paving or landscaping, as required.

Drainage Groundworks Projects

We are pleased to have provided a range of commercial drainage services at the following sites:


Amehurst, Surrey

We diverted existing storm drainage routes into a new soakaway system at the rear of the garden.


Lancaster Gardens, Wimbledon

Creation of new storm drainage run from the front of the property, downhill to the garden area. This site had a very large fall from the front of the property to the garden and so needed a drainage run that could accommodate for this along with flow control.


Reel Hall Farm

Installation of new foul and storm drainage system for a large single dwelling, including manhole installation to full specification on architect’s plans.

Looking for a reliable drainage contractor?

To request a competitive quote, or for any enquiries about our professional drainage groundworks services, please call us on 01932 869 939 or complete our contact form.