Foundation Contractors in Surrey

Foundations are a crucial part of any construction, whether it’s a residential or commercial building or other structure.

Here at Lexen, our experienced team of foundation installation contractors operate in Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex and Hampshire. In addition to foundation services, we also provide demolition and an extensive range of groundworks, earthworks and landscaping. This means that we can offer a seamless service for commercial and residential building projects.

As specialist concrete foundation installers, we have provided services for:

  • Numerous residential developments
  • Airports and hangars
  • Car showrooms and garages
  • Schools and colleges
  • Business parks and industrial estates

What do foundation installation contractors do?

As groundworks and foundation contractors, we excavate the ground and create reinforced formwork for the concrete pouring stage. This creates a strong, level support. The foundation is critical and ensures that whatever structure or building is constructed on top has a stable base.

Sturdy foundations and footings that have been laid correctly will help the structure to be resilient and avoid issues of subsidence, heave and other damage caused by movement.

What type of foundation installation services do we offer?

As experienced foundation contractors, we provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Excavation and ground preparation
  • Groundworks
  • Traditional strip foundations
  • Piling or piled foundations
  • Raft foundations
  • Ring beam foundations
  • Specialist RC works
  • Individual footings
  • Mass pour foundations
  • Ground bearing concrete slab bases
  • Underpinning and basement works
  • Beam and block floors
  • Concrete retaining walls

Our family-run team will assess the site, prepare the ground and excavate the trenches before pouring the concrete to create structural stability. We liaise with concrete suppliers, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians and other key stakeholders, where required.

As with all our services, safety is paramount and we always abide by industry health and safety standards.

Foundation Installation Projects

Our foundation installation contractors are pleased to have provided support on the following projects:


Danley Farm, Hampshire

With limited access to site, time constraints and a very detailed specification for the development, we installed a semi-perimeter concrete foundation for a retaining wall with steel reinforcement and concrete support pads for a large new garage to accompany the manor house and barn.


Oxshott Rise, Surrey

One of Surrey’s most desirable residential areas, we excavated and provided concrete strip foundations for a large detached mansion in an incredibly tight footprint. This project really pushed creativity, innovation and problem solving to the max.


Reel Hall Farm, Surrey

At this picturesque Surrey border site, we provided concrete piling along with concrete ringbeam reinforcement for a new manor home. This then followed with a large concrete slab for a new bungalow to be built on. A stunning development to come.

Looking for expert foundation contractors for your next project?

For all enquiries about our services as concrete foundation installers, or to request a competitive quote, please call us on 01932 869 939 or complete our contact form.