Commercial Paving

Commercial Paving Surrey

Here at Lexen Contractors, we are pleased to have earned a reputation as leading civil engineers in the South East. We offer a comprehensive range of services including commercial paving, throughout Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire.

With many years of experience, our commercial block paving contractors have provided services at:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Airports
  • Car showrooms and garages
  • Business parks and offices
  • Retail and industrial estates

Our Commercial Paving Services

The addition of paving can help to create a safe, practical and professional-looking environment. Whether you need a welcoming site entrance, a well-maintained parking area or a durable path or driveway, commercial paving is a great solution. At Lexen, our services include:

  • Designing parking, paths and other paved features
  • Constructing paved areas
  • Maintaining paved surfaces
  • Providing a range of paving solutions including asphalt and concrete

Commercial Paving Projects

We have installed commercial paving at the following sites:


Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire

Here, we supplied and installed over 300m2 of permeable paving to new spectating areas, public walkways and storage areas, turning this prestigious venue to an even more modern and versatile venue.


Madejski Stadium, Reading

After experiencing issues with sunken paving and flooding, we carried out a removal, rebase and reinstall of block paving to the main staff and player’s entrance to the stadium along with turnstile points.


Commercial Helipad, Reading

This was one of our most unique and novel uses of block paving. Here, we installed a large circular pad for helicopter use using a tri-colour blend of grey, cream and black block paving.

Professional commercial paving

For any enquiries regarding commercial paving in Surrey and throughout the South East, or to request a quote, please call our team on 01932 869 939. Alternatively, click to complete our contact form.

Commercial Paving FAQs

What is a commercial paving contractor?

As a commercial paving company, we offer a highly specialised service, including installing and maintaining paved surfaces in commercial settings. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we ensure that your paving is consistently functional and visually appealing.

Does commercial paving require planning permission?

In most cases, maintenance and minor repairs don’t require planning permission. However, where projects involve significant changes, expansion, or alterations, it’s a good idea to consult with your local planning authority. As a reputable commercial paving company, we can assist you with this process.

When it comes to commercial paving, is asphalt better than concrete paving?

Each material offers its advantages. With asphalt, you’ll benefit from flexibility, quicker installation and lower initial costs. However, maintenance can be an issue.

Whereas concrete is a solid and durable surface, ideal for heavy traffic areas. Its longer lifespan means it requires less regular maintenance compared to asphalt.